Rhodes CAN Cook

By Sam on 24 July 2014
Soup is one of the easiest and most reliable dishes to freeze. Make two batches and freeze one!
By Sam on 17 July 2014
Make your brunch a little bit more gourmet with this really easy Beer & Honey Bread. Smothered in butter, topped with crispy fried bacon and lavishly dripping in Rhodes Choice Grade Honey, it is quite possibly the best thing you will eat all weekend.
By Sam on 9 July 2014
Whether you make rice pudding from scratch or as a good excuse to use up leftover rice, this is a versatile, budget friendly home-style pudding.
By Sam on 3 July 2014
This simple chicken pot roast is the epitome of homemade cooking. When cooking the chicken in a closed casserole dish together with vegetables and a little broth, it results in meat that is both tender and flavoursome.
By Sam on 26 June 2014
Crisp warm fritters are a comforting, sweet and delicious winter pudding.
By Sam on 19 June 2014
Simple and easy to mix together this bake with its light and fresh combination of Rhodes Apricots and lemon zest is a feast for the eyes despite its imperfect icing glaze.
By Sam on 11 June 2014
Today’s recipe has in mind the extra bit of weekend time we will all be enjoying. Slow cooking this delicious and tender lamb curry for the dad in your life will certainly be worth waiting for. Robust, meaty and filling, it is a perfect “meat, rice AND potatoes” dad meal.
By Sam on 4 June 2014
Learn how to make a light and airy soufflé omelet with this step by step tutorial.
By Sam on 28 May 2014
As the winter settles in and we all begin to look for belly warming and satisfying dinners to beat off the cold, this recipe is a great winter warmer and one to return to often.
By Sam on 21 May 2014
Crème Brulée is a beautiful rich French Custard, made from egg yolks, sugar and cream which is set by cooking in the oven. Simpler to make than you might think.
By Sam on 16 May 2014
This flu busting soup recipe is wonderfully economical and simple enough to prepare. It’s also a great way to use up whatever you have in the refrigerator.
By Sam on 8 May 2014
Spoil mom on Sunday, with this delicious sweet honey pudding; a perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of tea on a cool Sunday afternoon.
By Sam on 30 April 2014
Honey-mustard is one of the classic flavour combinations. What is there not to enjoy about spicy and sharp mustard mingling with the sweetness of honey?
By Sam on 24 April 2014
If you are feeling a little fatigued when it comes to thinking up new ideas to serve to your guests, today’s recipe may be just the inspiration you are looking for.
By Sam on 14 April 2014
Introducing Rhodes Easy to Squeeze Honey.