Rhodes CAN Cook

By Sam on 24 October 2014
Busy cooks need quick and easy dinner recipes which are gentle on the budget. This Spicy Sausage & Butter Bean Pasta ticks all those boxes. Our easy to follow step by step images below will guide you along as you cook.
By Sam on 17 October 2014
Corn scones fresh out the oven, smothered in butter and topped with cheddar cheese are perfect anytime.
By Sam on 10 October 2014
A tasty, fluffy alternative to your usual rice side dish.
By Sam on 2 October 2014
Deciding on whether a sweet dish like pumpkin fritters, or this Honey Pumpkin Tart belongs on the main or dessert table (or both) is a matter of preference rather than tradition.
By Sam on 22 September 2014
Let Rhodes Tomato Braai Relish do all the hard flavour work on these fabulous boerewors rolls.
By Sam on 12 September 2014
Kedgeree is a one of those recipes which can turn leftovers into a hearty and appealing meal, it can often be found served as both a filling and delicious brunch or as an easy dinner
By Sam on 4 September 2014
There is no better way to celebrate making it through the dreary winter than by welcoming in the new season with celebratory Honey Cupcakes.
By Sam on 29 August 2014
Whether you decide to prepare these kebabs in a frying pan or do them on the braai this is a meal that will take you on an island style taste journey, perfect for any day of the week!
By Sam on 20 August 2014
This Banana Bread is given the royal tea time treatment with its Honey Buttercream made with Rhodes Choice Grade Honey.
By Sam on 15 August 2014
It only takes the tiniest bit of creativity to turn leftovers into a brilliant new meal of their own, but it does help to stretch the mid-month budget just a little bit further; and that is definitely something we can all appreciate.
By Sam on 7 August 2014
Winter is for warm puddings with custard or ice cream or cream - or all three!
By Sam on 31 July 2014
This cheesy, crunchy hake pie is a wonderfully easy and economical dinner.
By Sam on 24 July 2014
Soup is one of the easiest and most reliable dishes to freeze. Make two batches and freeze one!
By Sam on 17 July 2014
Make your brunch a little bit more gourmet with this really easy Beer & Honey Bread. Smothered in butter, topped with crispy fried bacon and lavishly dripping in Rhodes Choice Grade Honey, it is quite possibly the best thing you will eat all weekend.
By Sam on 9 July 2014
Whether you make rice pudding from scratch or as a good excuse to use up leftover rice, this is a versatile, budget friendly home-style pudding.