Rhodes CAN Cook

By Sam on 11 February 2016
Gourmet milkshakes are taking summer by storm. Enjoy this one with the flavour of sweet Rhodes Granadilla Pulp and the crispy crunch of ginger cookies.
By Sam on 5 February 2016
A sweet peach flavoured fridge tart. This dessert can be made up to two days ahead, so it is perfect for the busy hostess.
By Sam on 28 January 2016
Easy Mexican-style crunchy dip.
By Sam on 22 January 2016
Sweet Orange Marmalade tea bake made from ground polenta and almonds.
By Sam on 13 January 2016
Crispy, tasty side dish or starter.
By Sam on 7 January 2016
Refreshing and fruity summer treat.
By Sam on 14 December 2015
A simple cheat's version of Hertzoggies.
By Sam on 3 December 2015
Egg free meringues as good as the original.
By Sam on 25 November 2015
Easy to prepare homemade jelly; perfect for dessert.
By Sam on 19 November 2015
Easy pasta for meat-free Mondays.
By Sam on 11 November 2015
Light and fuss free lunch.
By Sam on 2 November 2015
Fresh summer bean salad with a spicy kick.
By Sam on 23 October 2015
Sweet and refreshing summer drink.
By Sam on 16 October 2015
Fresh and healthy; quick and easy.
By Sam on 10 October 2015
Easy to prepare muffins for a lunch box treat.