Rhodes CAN Cook

By Sam on 25 November 2015
Easy to prepare homemade jelly; perfect for dessert.
By Sam on 19 November 2015
Easy pasta for meat-free Mondays.
By Sam on 11 November 2015
Light and fuss free lunch.
By Sam on 2 November 2015
Fresh summer bean salad with a spicy kick.
By Sam on 23 October 2015
Sweet and refreshing summer drink.
By Sam on 16 October 2015
Fresh and healthy; quick and easy.
By Sam on 10 October 2015
Easy to prepare muffins for a lunch box treat.
By Sam on 1 October 2015
Fruity meatballs for a quick weekday meal.
By Sam on 28 September 2015
Creamy vegetarian curry, full of flavour
By Sam on 19 September 2015
Cheese topped Chakalaka bread rolls, perfect for a braai.
By Sam on 11 September 2015
Light and airy, a perfect spring dessert.
By Sam on 9 September 2015
Delicate pastry slice filled with lightly spiced Rhodes Peaches.
By Sam on 28 August 2015
A simple marinade for grilled or braaied chicken
By Sam on 20 August 2015
A delightful custard filled cake that is also perfect for dessert.
By Sam on 14 August 2015
A quick and easy pasta dish for busy week day meals.