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By Sam on 19 March 2013

Being all grown up usually means that at some point in your day you are presented with the need to “Be realistic”, and if you find yourself having to do that a lot it can sap all the creative energy right out of you.  

To keep in touch with my own little bit of creative whimsy, I occasionally like to believe myself quite the crafter.  With the Easter holidays just around the corner I decided it a perfect opportunity to hammer and bang and paint something used into a new thing of beauty.  
The result, besides a very proud and beaming crafter self, are these adorable Easter Buckets which I made by repurposing empty Rhodes cans.  After Easter the kiddo’s can use them as extra storage for pens, hairbands or even Lego! These Easter Buckets are really easy to make and require no fancy tools or equipment so they are perfect for even the least creative or most accident prone crafter to put together.
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What you need
Empty Rhodes cans, cleaned and label removed
Black marker
Length of wood thin enough to fit in the can
Large nail
Spray paint, I used “Lily White”
Ribbon – two different types (I used 2m of each kind to make 4 cans)
Black sticker paper
Rabbit silhouette, can be found on the Internet.
Circle stencil
  1. Using a ruler to help you, mark two points on opposite sides of the open side of the can, as close as possible to cross the middle line.  
  2. Be sure that the marks lie in a straight line so that your handle is not off balance.
  3. From the point that you have marked on the top of the can, measure 10mm down the side of the can and make another mark.
  4. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Place the piece of wood slightly off a workbench and place the can over the edge.
  6. Place the large nail on the mark you have made on the side of the can and use the hammer to punch a hole through each side.
  7. Make sure that the hole is big enough to thread your wire through.
  8. Cut a length of wire to make a reasonable handle.  Thread the two ends of the wire through the holes and secure the ends together using the pliers.
  9. Place the can onto newspaper and spray paint both the can and the handle in the colour of your choice.  I find it best to paint one thin layer at a time lest the paint should run down the sides of the can.  I did three layers to get the colour finish I wanted.
  10. Leave to dry.
  11. Using the silhouette template cut out a rabbit from the sticker paper as well as a couple of circles.  Remove the sticker backing and adhere shapes onto the can.
  12. Finish the can by tying the ribbon onto the handles.

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