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Holidays are here and the dessert of the day is a lusciously layered Trifle! Fresh and delicious and smothered in cream and custard, these Trifle recipes are the perfect end to a perfect meal.

Chocolate & Cherry Trifle

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Chocolate and Cherry Trifle

Chocolate takes a traditional Trifle to decadent new heights. Served individually, it becomes an elegant finish.

Apricot, Jelly & Custard Trifle

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Apricot, Jelly and Custard Trifle

Quick to make, this showstopping Trifle contrasts the sharpness of apricots with the sweetness of custard and jelly. Guests are bound to be impressed!

Rhodes Quality Tropical Trifle

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Tropical Trifle

With tropical flavours like peaches, pineapple and granadilla, and white chocolate mixed into the cream, this luscious Trifle is made with love and designed for happiness.

Peach & Caramel Popcorn Christmas Trifle

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Peach Christmas Trifle

Caramel popcorn on top gives this traditionally layered Trifle an extra-special edge – and a distinctly modern twist.


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