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The weather’s warming up and we’re all #JuicedForSummer… so let’s ready for the season with fresh and delicious Rhodes Quality 100% Mango Juice. There are so many ways to add a refreshing burst of tropical flavour to your day…

Mango Slush

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Mango Slush

Feeling a little warm? Nothing will cool you down quicker than delicious icy Mango Slush…

Mango-Glazed Doughnuts

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Mango Glazed Doughnut

What’s a day without a donut? Now you can add some warm weather flavour with an easy-to-make mango glaze.


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Mango Chicken on the Braai

As the evenings warm up, braaing is our favourite way to cook. And this chicken, infused with mango flavour is a refreshing change that says ‘Summer is almost here…’.


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