Easy Party Snack Ideas that are Quick to Make

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It’s always party season in sunny South Africa, which means good friends, good company and great recipes! To get you in the party spirit, we’ve rounded up our quickest and easiest finger fork ideas, leaving you free to mingle and enjoy.

Rhodes Party Snack Recipe Round-up

Ham & Garden Pea Croquettes

The platter filler: These bite-sized crisp and light croquettes are a tasty way to add volume and flavour.

Ham & Garden Pea Croquettes

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Spicy Vegetarian Nachos

The casual & spicy: You can’t go wrong with nachos layered in cheese, beans and sour cream.

Vegetarian Nachos

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Easy Corn Dip

The time saver: Quick, easy and requires no cooking, this dip is perfect for a midweek, after work, soiree.

Nacho Corn Dip

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Chicken Meatballs & Peach Chutney

The stand & eat: Skewer fragrant fruity chicken meatballs on kebabs, making it easy for guests to nibble and natter.

Chicken Meatballs with Peach Chutney

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Haricot Beans Hummus

The classic spread Vegetarian-friendly creamy bean hummus is always a winner, served with warm pita breads.

Haricot Bean Hummus

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