How to Make Vegan Meringues from Chick Pea Brine

The magic of chick pea Aquafaba

Master chefs are able to endlessly reinvent dishes and create new flavour combinations making the kitchen a renowned place of innovation. Rarely, however, even in an environment as dynamic as this is a discovery made, so new and exciting that it earns itself the title of a “breakthrough”.

Making waves in the culinary world is a something called Aquafaba, the name given to the bean juice, or the normally discarded cooking liquid/brine which you find in cans of beans and chick peas. Aquafaba is a perfect egg replacer and it’s vegan friendly.

Aquafaba completely changes the way we are able to cater for family and guests who follow diets which are vegan, egg free or are specifically tailored to egg related allergies. We are now able to bake completely egg free meringues, Pavlovas, cakes, puddings, cookies, breads macarons, nougat and even marshmallows.

The proteins and starches in, for instance, chick pea brine, behave similarly to the proteins found in egg whites. In the same way as whisking egg whites causes them to foam and thicken, just a few minutes of whisking Aquafaba at high speed, produces the same result.

It sounds so unbelievable that we had to try it for ourselves.

How to make vegan meringues

We decided to put Aquafaba to the test and drained one 410g can of Rhodes Chick Peas. We placed the chick pea brine into the bowl of an electric beater and started whisking on high speed. Within three minutes of vigorous beating the liquid had transformed into a thickened white foam.

From then on it was almost easy to believe that we were working with actual egg whites. We slowly added the sugar, one tablespoon at a time. The final meringue mixture was glossy and stiff, if slightly off white.

We baked the meringues in a low oven for about two hours until they were crisp and dry. We successfully accomplished simple and egg free meringues with very little fuss. We are sold on Aquafaba, and the new possibilities it opens.
To celebrate we paired our Chick Pea Meringues with Rhodes Peach Slices and a little softly whipped cream – a simple and summery dessert.

Vegan Meringue Recipe

Egg-free meringues that taste as good as the original. It’s an exciting dessert recipe for vegan and egg-free diets.

Egg-free Vegan Meringues

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