Chakalaka and Cheddar Cheese Braai Broodjie | Rhodes Quality

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1 farm style loaf

Butter for spreading

1 x 410 g can Rhodes Quality Mild & Spicy Chakalaka

200 g (2 C) grated cheddar cheese

Salt and black pepper


Remove the crusts and slice the loaf lengthwise into 4 even slices. Butter two slices of bread on 1 side and place buttered side down on a board. Sprinkle the cheese evenly over both slices. Spread a generous layer of the Rhodes Quality Mild & Spicy Chakalaka down the centre of each slice. Cover with the 2 remaining slices of bread and butter the tops. Place the sandwiches inside a braai grid and slowly toast them over warm coals until golden brown. Serve hot off the fire.
Cooking Tip

To prevent a soggy braai broodjie, strain the Rhodes Quality Mild & Spicy Chakalaka to remove most of the Chakalaka sauce. Put the vegetables in the toastie and use the reserved sauce as a dipping sauce for the braai broodjie once cooked.


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