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Rhodes Quality Tropical Trifle

2 x 40g Trotters Jelly Peach Flavoured
2 x 410g cans of Rhodes Quality Peach Halves, drained
2 x 440g cans of Rhodes Quality Pineapple Rings, drained
2 x 350g Madeira Loaf Cakes
250g Hinds Custard Powder, premade
500ml of Rhodes Quality 100% Tropical juice
115g Rhodes Quality Granadilla Pulp
80g of white chocolate, chopped
500ml of whipping cream
100g of flaked almonds


Make the jelly and leave to cool slightly. Place the Rhodes Quality Peach Halves and Rhodes Quality Pineapple Rings into the base of a large glass trifle bowl, with some pieces up the side of the glass. Pour in the jelly and refrigerate until set. Slice one of the Madeira loaves into 3 lengthways and using a star cookie cutter, cut out star shapes and then cube the offcuts. Place stars up the side of the glass and fill in with cubes before spooning in the custard. Cut the remaining Madeira loaf into cubes, soak for a few seconds in the Rhodes Quality 100% Tropical juice and place on top of the custard. Drizzle with half the Rhodes Quality Granadilla Pulp and refrigerate until ready to serve. Spoon topping onto trifle and drizzle with more Rhodes Quality Granadilla Pulp, scatter with nuts and serve immediately.
Cooking Tip

To make the topping, microwave the chocolate and 80ml of cream for 30 seconds. Stir until melted and leave to cool. Whip the remaining cream and cooled melted chocolate together until thick.


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