Spinach & Tomato Eggs in the Hole | Rhodes Quality


4 thick cut slices of fresh bread
225 g packet streaky bacon
200 g baby spinach leaves, washed
1 x 410 g can Rhodes Tomato Italian Style
60 ml (2 T) butter
4 large eggs
salt and freshly ground black pepper


Use a cookie cutter to cut a hole from the centre of 4 thick cut bread slices. Heat a large frying pan over medium heat. Add the bacon slices and fry until crisp and golden. Drain the bacon on a paper towel. Discard the excess fat and in the same pan, quick fry the baby spinach leaves for 1-2 minutes. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Remove the spinach and set aside. Melt 30 ml (2 T) of the butter in the frying pan over medium heat. Add 2 bread slices into pan and toast on one side for a few minutes until golden. Turn the bread over and into the hole add a tablespoon or two of the Rhodes Tomato Italian Style. Top with some cooked spinach. Break 1 egg into each hole. Sprinkle a little seasoning onto each egg. Cover the frying pan with a lid and cook until the eggs set. Remove the egg in the hole from pan and repeat with the remaining ingredients.
Cooking Tip

If cooking for a crowd, transfer the eggs in the hole from the frying pan to a baking sheet just as the eggs begin to set. Once all the toasts are ready, finish off in the oven until the eggs are cooked to liking.


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